Spotting fake Michael KORS bag demo 



Michael Kors has changed its lining over the years but it hasn’t stopped the counterfeiters keeping up the with game.

Fake Lining Example 1 :

This is the most commonly used lining in the cheaper more obvious counterfeit bags known as the ”Honeycomb” pattern. The logo is printed harshly on to the material without the signature sheen, that is found in lining of genuine Michael Kors bags. The material itself will feel cheap and similar to that of a mac rain coat.
Honeycomb Pattern

Fake Lining Example 2 :

Any print that has no sign of MK or Michael Kors on it. Michael Kors has never used a non signature lining in their bags, they do however use plain leather interiors depending on the model. Again this type of patterned lining is commonly used in the cheaper more obvious counterfeits.
Animal Print

Fake Lining Example 3 :

This is most commonly used lining in a Michael Kors bags, and is found in the higher quality counterfeits. Again the ”honeycomb” pattern, at first glance it is almost undetectable from the lining found in a genuine Michael Kors bags. The subtle sheen and logo look genuine, but closer inspection you can see a slight distortion in the logo’s shape making the logo look more oval than round.

The slight distortion is caused by the parameters used to make the logo stitching in the lining. The counterfeiters do their best to replicate the logo, but if they don’t have the exact details of the parameters used for the machinery the logo can’t be replicated exactly.

High quality fake honeycomb Lining

Authentic Lining 1:

This authentic lining promotes the Michael Kors lettering with its signature subtle sheen. The lining itself is a satin blend and should have a smooth feel to touch with a slight stiffness. This lining is  found in bags destined for Michael Kors outlets instead of  Michael Kors Boutiques.
Authentic Lining Example 1: Text Print

Authentic Lining 2:

The large MK circle logo is not so common anymore and normally found in older models of Michael Kors bags. If this lining is found in a signature style such as the Hamilton after 2013 it is more and likely a counterfeit.
Authentic Lining Example 2: MK Logo

Authentic Lining 3:

This signature lining is found in most of the Michael kors latest bag range. As previously discussed the logo is perfectly round and stitched on the signature satin blend.

Handy Tip: If you look into a genuine Michael Kors bag in a dim lighting the logo should be the first thing to glimmer (catch your eye), as the thread has a higher gloss compared to the material. In a lot of fakes the logo will not stand out at all or the sheen of the material will out shine the logo.

Authentic Lining Example 3: The Honeycomb Pattern

Authentic Lining 4:

Plain leather, Plain Canvas and no lining.  Some Michael Kors bags have no lining in them such as the Greenwich Tote, or have  just plain leather or Canvas. The plain leather is more commonly found in the luxury brand of Michael Kors known as Michael Kors collection, whereas the plain canvas is found in the Vintage collection.
Authentic Lining Example 4: Plain Leather

Authentic Lining 5:

This lining is  found in Michael MICHAEL Kors bags from mid-2015. The lining contains the MK logo in large letters throughout.
Authentic Lining Example 5: Large MK lettering Throughout

Authentic Lining 6:

The latest lining used in MICHAEL Michael Kors bag and accessories. The late 2016/2017 lining features the MICHAEL KORS lettering throughout.
Authentic Lining 6 For 2017 Displaying MICHAEL KORS Throughout


Stitching used to be a great indication of wither a Michael Kors Bag is Fake or Authentic but unfortunately it cannot be used as a factor anymore. It is a common issue in manufacturing when the demand for a product increases dramatically ( Michael Kors trending 2013),  and the factories can not keep up with the high demand. The OEM factory outsources the manufacturing to other factories to meet the demands of the customer. The outsourced factories very rarely meet the level of quality control of the OEM factory, resulting in a lot of issues slipping through the cracks to keep up with the supply chain. The number one issue due to outsourcing in Michael Kors bags is of course stitching, therefore it can not be used as a factor to tell if a bag is authentic or fake as some higher quality fakes may have better stitching than the genuine bag.
The pictures are of Genuine Michael Kors bags showing poor stitching.
The pictures are of Genuine Michael Kors bags showing poor stitching.

Heat Stamp

Genuine Michael Kors Bags carry a heat stamp on the inside of the bag. They use a standard lettering and size throughout most of the entire range,  for the exception of the reversible bags which does not contain one for obvious reasons.

Fake Heat Stamp Example 1 :

Very similar to the genuine Michael Kors heat stamp, but if you look closely you will see a faint imprint of a outline surrounding the lettering, this is  caused by a cheap low level stamp. On a genuine Michael kors there will be no outline present and the letters will be evenly spaced.
Fake Heat Stamp Example 1
Fake Heat Stamp Example 1

Fake Heat Stamp Example 2 :

This logo is the most commonly used heat stamp in fake bags. Michael Kors does use this stamp on hardware such as wristlets and purses, but is not present on the inside of  recent  genuine Michael Kors handbags.
Fake Heat Stamp Example 2
Fake Heat Stamp Example 2

Authentic Heat Stamp Example 1 :

This is the standard logo used throughout most of the Michael Michael Kos Range. The logo is not compressed and is made up of two text tiers ”MICHAEL” ”MICHAEL KORS”. The logo should be clearly defined but it is not uncommon to find a heat stamp not pressed deep enough ( Green Tag) , another example of poor quality control management. The undefined tags are normally found in bags purchased from Michael Kors Retail Outlets.

Authentic Heat Stamp Example 1: Both Pictures are of genuine Michael Kors Bags.
Authentic Heat Stamp Example 1: Both Pictures are of genuine Michael Kors Bags.

Authentic Heat Stamp Example 2 :

Although not a heat stamp some Michael Kors models have replaced the traditional heat stamp with hardware. It is most commonly found in the Tote and Greenwich styles.
Authentic Heat Stamp Example 2
Authentic Heat Stamp Example 2

Manufacturing Tags

Genuine Michael Kors  include a Gel, Nylon or leather tag with the country of origin and manufacturing date, along with a nylon tag containing the bags style number. The tags can vary from colour and normally cycle between, clear, white, black and brown. The colour of the tag is usually an indication if it is made for Michael Kors retail factory outlet ( Black and Brown) or a Michael Kors Boutique ( Clear and White). Michael Kors Manufactures in the following countries: China Indonesia Vietnam Philippines Bangladesh Italy ( Luxury Michael Kors Collection only ) Turkey Myanmar Thailand
This tag is commonly found in bags before early 2016
This tag is commonly found in bags before early 2016

A genuine Michael Kors bag will include a MADE IN followed by one of the above countries, the label will also include the manufacturing date code in the format of AP- 1503. AP being the factory destination in this case AP stands for their Donguan China factory, and the 1503 stand for March 2015. The MADE IN tag will be partnered by a small white tag that includes the bags style number. In most cases especially the cheaply made Michael Kors counterfeits will not include either tag. The high quality replicas may include the tags but often fail to get the style number right.

Tip: You can always check your style number by inputting it into the Michael Kors onsite search to bring up your style. If it does not bring up your style it does not mean the bag is fake it just means it could be out of season and no longer available on the Michael Kors website. A backup is to input the style number in google images along with ”MICHAEL KORS” and see if images of your bag come up with that particular style number. If the pictures come up with a different bag than the one you have purchased, there is a high chance it could be a counterfeit.

New QR Code:

This new tag can be found in most models made in 2016 and onwards. It contains a QR code along with the standard style number, manufacturing date, Season, Colour Code and Made in information. We hope this new implemented tag will aid in combating fakes. Break Down Of The New Tag Based On The Pictures Below: E-1603  – This is the manufacturing date, 1603 means March 2016 and the letter is  assigned to the factory where the bag was made. T16 – This is the season of the bag. 30T3SLMS2L – This is the style number of the bag.  303 – This is the colour code of the bag. This has been useful in determining whether a bag is real or fake. Although counterfeiters can replicate the tag, most have failed to realize the significance of these three digits, and have put the wrong code  or it is not present  at all. Please go to our colour code guide for a list of colour codes :
Introduced Late 2015
Introduced Late 2015


There has always been a myth circulating that Michael Kors only uses the Japanese brand Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha also known as YKK on all their bags, this couldn’t be further from the truth. YKK zippers are a favorite of Michael Kors but they use other brands such as IDEAL Zippers. These types of zippers are known as Fashion zippers, and will all display their logo somewhere on the zip. Michael Kors has also started using standard China made zippers in their bags, for example the Hamilton , which just uses a standard size 9 zipper for the inner pockets.  If you have purchased a zip style Michael Kors bag such as a Selma, the main zip will be either YKK or Ideal, if it is a standard zipper there is a high chance the bag is a fake.
The two pictures show where you can find the logo on a YKK zipper.
The two pictures show where you can find the logo on a YKK zipper.


Michael Kors hardware comes in many shapes and designs and is very easily replicated. A few high quality counterfeits at times will have genuine Michael Kors hardware, this is due to Michael Kors using third party manufacturers. It is common practice for the molding factories or any factory to make hardware or products out of quota, and then sell them on the Asian market to make up costs lost due to quality control issues. So do not rely on hardware alone to determine if your bag is fake or genuine.
Michael Kors only stamps their hardware with ‘MICHAEL KORS’ and not the abbreviation ‘MK’.
Michael Kors only stamps their hardware with ‘MICHAEL KORS’ and not the abbreviation ‘MK’.
Genuine hardware should be clean molded. This means there should be no sign of pin holes caused by bubbles in the molds, the lettering should be clearly defined and the hardware should have a polished smooth sheen to it. This sheen is created by the use of a PVD coating on the hardware, the same type of coating found on Silver, Gold and Rose gold watches. Hardware on counterfeit bags are normally dulled down as they do not use the PVD coating method due to its high costs, in most cases it is coated with a metallic spray or a metallic colour injected during the molding process.
Genuine hardware should be clean molded. This means there should be no sign of pin holes caused by bubbles in the molds,
Genuine hardware should be clean molded. This means there should be no sign of pin holes caused by bubbles in the molds,
Pink ( Left ) is an example of genuine Michael Kors hardware, whereas the blue (Right) is an example of fake Michael Kors hardware. The obvious difference is the fake has used a different font to the genuine Michael Kors.

Example of two logos, the right logo (Green) is a very clear example of a fake Michael Kors bag. The Michael Kors logo on genuine bags (right) is always clearly separated.

Logo Not Straight?

We have had a lot of messages from people who have purchased a Michael Kors bag and were concerned it was a fake due to the logo being slightly crooked, particularly the ‘’I’’. Sadly a crooked logo in genuine Michael Kors bags has become a common occurrence mainly in the saffiano leather range. If you are concerned about a bag being fake use an authentication service like ourselves to help authenticate the bag.

Designs change with time :

Michael Kors is continually changing designs on their bags, so if your bag is slightly different from the same model as your friends do not panic, it does not mean you have a counterfeit. It simple could mean you have purchased a newer or older version of the model. This is where the manufacturing date codes mentioned earlier come in handy. They can help determine the year of the model.